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Originally Posted by dianebrat View Post
Nope... it does nothing but mystify me that this was even a needed feature.
As a long-time manual transmission guy, the one thing I hate about automatic transmissions is that the car wants to start pulling away from me when stopped on level ground when sitting in traffic. Almost 40 years of driving and I've been conditioned to having my foot off of the brake and the car in neutral when just sitting there on flat ground.

My DSG Golf R has auto hold, and it's awesome. It's the only automatic I don't hate driving in heavy traffic (I actually prefer driving an MT in traffic due to the car always wanting to drive away on its own). Auto hold solves this for me.

"necessary"? Of course not. For me though, it definitely enhances the driving experience, a lot. I'm going to explore this and see if I can get it to work on the X1.