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Where are you located, Big Al

Sounds like a poor dealer experience, among other things!

The transmission does need to be reset from time to time, because it does get a tad laggy and/or shunty. There's a process:


1) hit start button once to turn on power (Don't start the engine)
2) then press the accelerator down to the floor for 5 sec
3) then hit start button once to turn off power
4) then remove foot from accelerator
5) then wait for 2 minutes
4) then start the engine like normal and see if that helps with the jerk and acceleration hesitation

There was also a technical service bulletin about the wishbones — I had mine replaced last year based on this (April 2016 delivery)

Here are my notes and references:

"TSB for knocking noise from engine compartment. Cause is a damaged right side engine mount. Service bulletin #B22 02 17.

And there another TSB for creaking noise when cornering. Cause is the rubber transmission mount rubs on the aluminum housing. Service #B22 01 17.

Third TSB (ref unknown) says to change both front left and right control arms with a revised control arm for certain production dates — original parts both defective from factory
414 234 668"

As for the service lights, well, either the service was done and they weren't reset, or it wasn't done, they were reset, and BMW's condition-based servicing sensors have caught them out. Or the system is stuffed!

I can understand your frustration but keep on it, escalate it to the Dealer Principal and BMW Australia. It's hard to ignore persistence!
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