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  1. Agree/Disagree with current Israeli Military Operation?
  2. Another Bomb Plot
  3. Ground Zero, September 13, 2001
  4. What happened to the terror thread?
  5. How to Destroy America
  6. God Bless America!
  7. Do more than remember . . .
  8. Convicted Border Agent Tells His Story
  9. Chalk another one up for the bad guys!
  10. God bless Lou Barletta
  11. Feds Estimate
  12. Racism = BAN
  13. America's new media celebrity.
  14. Quiz
  15. Guess Who Also Had a Problem . . .
  16. On a brighter note...
  17. A Voice
  18. ABC's 'The Path to 9/11' Is Outstanding
  19. Article from June 1, 2000
  20. Karma is such a pain in the butt....
  21. Free of foreign oil in 10 years!
  22. One Question Quiz - Pass/Fail
  23. Immigration Debate Sparks Bitter Words
  24. Photo Fraud
  25. Hostage Negotiation
  26. The Political Fertility Gap?
  27. Are We at War with Islam?
  28. The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Open Borders Crowd
  29. Now I've been called a racist.
  30. Whose side is the U.N. on?
  31. The true leaker in the Plame case revealed
  32. The other side of China that we don't usually hear about
  33. Looking for support at my new forum :)
  34. Approach On The War In Iraq
  35. Osama has turned himself in...
  36. Blair jabs 'mad anti-Americanism'
  37. Ramadan Kareem!
  38. Musharraf 'war-gamed' U.S., concluded Pakistan would lose
  39. North Korea claims nuclear weapons test
  40. What to do in Iraq?
  41. Eed Mubarak!!
  42. Saddam Hussein
  43. Hanging of Hussein
  44. He has not said a word yet right??
  45. i know you wont listen
  46. State of the Union Address
  47. WWIII
  48. Another Hoax Turned Terrorist Threat Yet Again!
  49. wow.
  50. IRAN !!!!
  51. US 'Iran attack plans' revealed
  52. In a hypothetical presidential election, for whom would you vote?
  53. In a hypothetical vice-presidential election, for whom would you vote?
  54. The 4 Unspeakable Truths
  55. In a hypothetical first lady election, for whom would you vote?
  56. What party would get your vote?
  57. What nation represents your political ideal?
  58. What kind of message does this send?
  59. U.S. Constitution or another?
  60. Funny political cartoons, pictures and Photoshops
  61. Do Christians drive BMWs? (Another way of asking Are you...?)
  62. Unconventional View of China
  63. What would happen to them if we pulled out?
  64. George Tenent on Meet the Press -- WOOOWWW!
  65. World without mass religion
  66. Atheism and Theism
  67. Girl was stoned to death for falling in love... very disturbing
  68. Islam - a Religion like other Religions
  69. Ron Paul
  70. This presidential candidate has my vote
  71. Arlington National Cemetary
  72. F the IRS! Im going to stop paying Income Taxes!
  73. 10 Years Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to People's Republic of China
  74. Marine testimony: All Iraqi men viewed as insurgents
  75. Was it racist to laugh?
  76. Dems Debate
  77. CNN: North American Union ???
  78. Does anyone have anything negative to say about Buddhism?
  79. Speculation on Jesus
  80. Why is God such a bully & a racist??
  81. Did Jesus die for the sins of the world?
  82. God's Warriors
  83. Meet the press 8/26
  84. Humvee in traffic in Iraq
  85. Mike Gravel for Pres. 08
  86. Tapping your foot in the bathroom = gaysex?
  87. Ramadan Mubarak
  88. 911 Conspiracy
  89. Jena 6
  90. Zeitgeist The Movie, MUST SEE!
  91. Mistake costs dishwasher $59,000
  92. Is President Bush an idiot?
  93. Iranian President
  94. "The Kingdom"
  95. Eid Mubarak
  96. Colbert for President
  97. Book Drive For Homeless Children
  98. The next United States President?
  99. Have people become too politcally "aware"?
  100. Jay Z's Latest Video Shows Him With Euro's Instead of Dollars
  101. about electing hillary
  102. Loose Change Final Cut Video
  103. Someone School me on Stalin and Hitler's regime
  104. In Sudan, British Teacher Faces 40 Lashes for Naming Class Teddy Bear 'Muhammad'
  105. Would you vote for an Atheist for President of US?
  106. China snubs US by refusing USS Kitty Hawk to dock in Hong Kong
  107. Recent Deportation Case about Doctor and family
  108. Who would Jesus kill?
  109. hks786 is alive and well!!!
  110. someone who's formally standing up against...
  111. Nominees for President
  112. Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?
  113. Who here is a Christian?
  114. Christian dating
  115. Religion is outdated, a mix between science and God is what I'm into, see my view
  116. The Fair Tax
  117. Who assassinated Benazir Bhutto?
  118. Hillary Clinton / Media Matters exposed
  119. PWing... a new religion.. and a new record
  120. One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge!!!
  121. An Independent Bloomberg running for president?
  122. How important is the 10th Amendment?
  123. Why is Mrs. Clinton qualified to be president?
  124. this is amerca's future & it's scary!!!
  125. Huckabee vs. Obama
  127. Huckabee Plays The Bass
  128. America... a third world country in 10-15years?
  129. Who was Bill Clinton?
  130. Who is George W. Bush?
  131. Who should be the first lady?
  132. Candidate Calculator
  133. To fire or not to fire?
  134. Which pres/vp combo would you prefer?
  135. Gravel To Teens: Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol
  136. Really, how old is John McCain?
  137. Candidate Calculator
  138. It's all about change
  139. Pork barrel spending
  140. More Huckabee
  141. Hilary the movie
  142. Tom Cruise vs Fred Thompson for POTUS
  143. Cults
  144. American Plans to Convert Iraq into Christianity?
  145. What if?
  146. Bush made 259 false statements to sell his war
  147. The State of the Union
  148. 9-11 "How the Towers Fell" - video
  149. Ralph Nader '08
  151. Who do you endorse for the next President?
  152. Super Tuesday....
  153. Huckabee wins big in Kansas
  154. Illegal Immigration Poll!
  155. Russian bomber buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier within 2,000 ft.
  156. Here we go again!
  157. The Obama Campaign
  158. Turkish invasion of Cyprus
  159. Does the republican party want a fascist state?
  160. Fidel Quits!!!!!
  161. Obama, must see video.....
  162. Bill & Hillary Clinton are being sued
  163. Hillary Farts During Live Debate
  164. PROOF Mike Huckabee is BOUGHT and PAID for!
  165. Mike Huckabee: Radical Cleric
  166. Do you know Mike Huckabee as well as you think?
  167. Evolution Question
  168. Double Talk Express
  169. Is Scientology A Religion?
  170. Does God know the future?
  171. More Demands
  172. Is it OK with God if I piss my money away on a BMW
  173. Cheney Refers to Himself as President on Meet the Press, Funny!
  174. Who will McCain pick for VP position?
  175. Texas Republicans cross over to vote for Obama? BS?
  176. Moron In Charge!
  177. Post political cartoons here!
  178. Panama John - not a natural born Citizen of the U.S.
  179. Huckster, the religious fundie has conceded!!!
  180. Contribute to the Constitution Party
  181. 3 AM
  182. American soldier should be hung after what he did...
  183. Atheists, Agnostics, etc.... Watch These if You Have the Time
  184. Turns out Hillary was FOS on NAFTA
  185. Has been posted before but needs attention
  186. Another political BS
  187. McCain's temper
  188. Not above reproach - admitted infidelity
  189. Iraq and Afghan costs 'to double'
  190. Please Describe Your Idea of a Christian....
  191. Atheists & Agnostics, I Need an Answer
  192. Can anyone prove that God exists?
  193. McCain: Romney seems interested in V.P spot
  194. Does scotty think that God made him white?
  195. American Troops Going Insane
  196. My Chrisitan G/F... help? maybe?
  197. China Vs. Tibet
  198. Fascism
  199. Life is all about God's grace
  200. Christians, what's your take on this?
  201. Welcome to crazy!!!! On anniversary, Bush cites big successes in Iraq!!
  202. The War in Iraq Costs. See the cost of war counter for your community
  203. DEM poll!!
  204. General election poll
  205. Oil tops $107 after Iraqi pipeline bombed!!
  206. Blasts in Baghdad's Green Zone
  207. McCain, Romney campaign together
  208. Why Obama, sigh, has lost my vote
  209. Good article by Jay Leno
  210. Credit card question
  211. Look how stable Iraq has become after the surge!!
  212. Bush booed at 2008 Nationals home opener!!
  213. Does your vehicle say you are Republican or Democrat?
  214. We have never lost a war against another enemy, we lost to ourselves
  215. Obama's Bowling-Gate Scandal
  216. PRESIDENT BUSH Overall Job Rating POLL!
  217. Something Atheists and Christians can agree upon
  218. Clinton spending
  219. New Oil Find
  220. Bush Scandals List
  221. Obama "bitter" comment
  222. Follow Maradona!Say no to the 2008 Beijing Olympics!
  223. McBush!! Funny...
  224. Short and Sweet!
  225. The Effective UN
  226. McBush on economy...
  227. Meet Team McCain: Pastor John Hagee
  228. McCain-Huckabee ticket? Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  229. Makes you think what the headline would be...
  230. 10 things you should know about John McCain
  231. Obama's tax evasion
  232. Obama + Black Panthers?
  233. Communism 101
  234. What was your Tax Stimulus check?
  235. Gas Tax Poll
  236. Is America too damn religious?
  237. MORON Bush details $70 billion war request for 2009
  238. McCain admits during a senior moment: War for Oil!!!
  239. Thanks for the Politics sub-forum
  240. Debunking Iraq Myths
  241. EV71 outbreak in China sparks criticisms,delay again!
  242. Bush Tax Rebate!
  243. Obama's chances in the general...
  244. Team Obama!!
  245. Why do we let morons run for president?
  246. Obama's running mate should be...
  247. Public inquiry into Iraqi's death
  248. The Obama change we can really believe in
  249. Radio Host Kevin James Walks into a Smackdown
  250. Good OBAMA Quotes